Artistic Framing

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Not only do I have small home improvement projects on the table, but my creative endeavors now include framing my miniature pieces on canvas. I don't know why it's taken me so long to do this. 

I bought a cream colored spray paint for the frame but it didn't work out very well. Since I have about 7 minis on canvas, my plan was to have all of the frames the same color but pulling colors out of the painting itself not only enhances the art, it becomes a part of the work. Several pieces will make a nice ensemble.

On a slightly different note, I have rearranged the gallery somewhat. I'm still gathering ideas for the newsletter, which will be more like a magazine. The concept of a magazine will allow for more creativity and I believe it would be an enjoyable read. I look forward to how people respond to it.

On a very different note, also exciting, the vegan transition has been going very well. My energy is up, I'm walking around the neighborhood again and this morning was all about toning. 

Very recently, I discovered the work of a few folk artists. Now that I've come around to accepting what my work is, I'm excited to have the summer to transform some of my sketches into major works. Did I mention I've applied to a couple of shows for this year? I'm eagerly waiting to see if I made the cut. I haven't participated in shows in awhile and I thought it made sense to do a couple prior to New York. 

Now is dinnertime. Black bean burgers, sauteed collards and potatoes it is for me.

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