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The year is drawing to a close. 2019 has been, not as productive as I'd like, but productive nonetheless. Since my focus word for the coming year is organization,  I'm going to take these last weeks of the year to prepare and go into 2020 with a good start on it. I'm under no illusions about it. Anymore. 3 facts I'm clear on:

  • It's a daily ritual that will demand my attention. 
  • I have to do it, whether I want to or not. 
  • Each day needs to have a plan.

My mind is already in the direction of gathering paperwork for next year's taxes. Everything is pretty much in my office. Not everything is in its rightful place,  however. I could use some free help. 

Outside of that, I've been curated into a show in Atlanta. Well, backtrack...the process of it starts next month but I have been selected as one of the artists. So, that's a good thing happening prior to the April event. I'll be talking more about it as we near the Feb. 15 show opening. Here's the information on it:

I've added a couple of canvas prints to that section of the website. I really like them, so take a peek at your leisure. 

I'm so looking forward to spending a great deal of time in my studio over the holidays. Yep, that's pretty much how I'll spend Christmas. I'm fine with it. Very. Besides, I can always look at my homepage as a reminder that I'm in the season.  Not real sure if this snow works well on a fine art site but I love it.

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