Get on the Dance Floor

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Dance Floor No. 2 is (obviously) the second in a series of several pieces of this type. It's actually leading toward the completion of a much larger piece and I've already worked the sketches for it. I believe the woodcut for the larger piece is 40 x 60 inches. Haven't quite figured out if it'll be a layered wood piece or flat. 

These dance pieces on canvas boards are somewhat of a playground for me. As I write this, I'm at a birthday party of an aunt, so the music playing is reminiscent of what I listened to in the 70s. Soul Train, vinyl records, Al Green, and bell bottoms was some of the stuff immersed in my community and cultivated what has ultimately become my work. While the 80s graduated me into adulthood,  the 70s was real good times with my cousins. It was innocent, creative, adventurous and really, I can't paint as fast as the memories I'd like to share. I'm making good progression, however, and I want to reclaim that time through my work to share with my children. 

I'm collaborating with a vocalist on a project we're to start recording in October, so I have a lot of work ahead of me. Everything seems to be coming together.  Once the project is concluded, I'll post here. Speaking of which,  I'm making a stronger effort to blog. And I'm doing so with a different flavor from my initial days of blogging. I'll have to change this up ultimately. All for the good though.

Okay, it's time to party now. There are a couple of musicians here to perform, so I'm looking forward to that.

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