Reflecting to Move Forward

Posted by Tosh Fomby on

But I Like This Hairstyle is an earlier work I created after discovering my artistic voice. That voice will change sometimes, though for me, not significantly. I won't share much about those changes but I'm excited about the direction or angle my work will take. I will continue to inject humor, as seen in the painting.
There is a similar piece I've started the pattern on called, Getting the Juice. When I say pattern, I mean the paper cut-outs for the wood that will ultimately have to be cut. I've not done anything on paper in some time and my hope is to make advances in that area over spring break.
I'm waiting for the giclee print of But I Like This Hairstyle, which may arrive by tomorrow. I think I listed this piece to do a small number of prints with resin as well. The living room, turned gallery, will be getting new lighting in the next month or two, so I'll be able to share once completed. 
In the meantime, transitioning the vibe. 

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