The Show Will Go On

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Two nights ago, I had the worst dream. For some reason,  I didn't make it to my October show and once I arrived, everyone was set up except me. My mom was volunteering and I asked her to call the people in charge to see if I could set up although I was late. She didn't want to. She was shucking and jiving, then finally picked up the phone to ask. They said no. I cried and cried in the dream and had to wake up from it.

You see, I haven't shown in awhile. My new work has primarily been for my eyes. Although I feel confident about the work itself,  I'm nervous about the show. I always think I don't have enough.  As it is now, it's not an exaggeration to say that I don't. 

I do have 4 pieces at Arts Clayton Gallery. If they sell, that would be great. If they don't, still great. I need inventory, as I don't work as quickly as I used to since I'm no longer a fulltime artist. I finished 2 pieces today but one, it typically would take 3 days but it took longer. It was 16 x 20 and the other was 6 x 6 inches. I'm full of anxiety right now.

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