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The weekend has found me brainstorming my marketing campaign. It's all about branding. I'm off to a rough start with the videos, so I'll have to revert to what I'm fairly good at and that is the direct mail pieces. My head is swirling with the social media portion, trying to integrate the platforms. Facebook rejected the Surrender piece but none of the products have migrated to my business page because I'm still being reviewed. 

Other than that, I'm preparing for a fundraising event that benefits people with Alzheimer's in June. I'm also gearing up for 2 shows in October. Well, let me backtrack. I need to be juried in but prior to that, I have to get the work and booth set-up submitted by May 1st. I'm wearing many hats but I managed in the past. Unable to make the 2019 show, I'm deliberating a lot since I'm prepping for New York Art Expo next year. 

Thinking. I'm exhausted.



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