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It's a rainy day in Georgia. That being said, I won't be cutting wood in my extended studio today, which is the garage. I am, however, conceptualizing my promo, which will be a combination of stop motion and still photos.  So here's the direction...

I'm a 70s kinda chiq. I'm stuck there. I have so many memories of growing up during that time. And not that my work is autobiographical. It was just the best of times. I tend to reflect on my southerness, if you will but the more I flip through my sketches, everyone looked so 70ish in combination with me being from the south. I think, ultimately, there will be some autobiographical pieces down the road because much of my figurative work leans toward a narrative. I looked at a painting I did recently and thought, 'She looks like me.' So...

There's a great deal of sketching, color studies and planning happening on this end. I'm using some of my dolls to aid my very, very short film. I'm also trying awfully hard to keep my eyes open on this overcast day.

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