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I'm on a short break before heading back to the studio. So, I've resumed the 40 x 40 piece I started and restarted months ago. It wasn't my plan but I'm progressing and it's working out better. I'm not altogether sure how it fits into the project I'm working toward. I just know it's taking up a great deal of space in my work area and needs to head upstairs to the gallery asap. 

On Wednesday,  I'm dropping off a few pieces for the group show at Arts Clayton Gallery. The show will hang from September 1 to 26. I have completed a couple of pieces on canvas and I've added them to their respective section on website.

The day really hasn't gone as planned. I went from completing a 6 x 6 piece to a very large, so my goal is to have it done by Tuesday.  Let's hope. 


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