A Season of Change

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Chance of Possibility - Acrylic on Paper Cutout by Tosh Fomby

We're all going through a different period in our lives and making necessary adjustments. It's been a challenge to create but I don't want to spend time shedding light on what you know already. I will share that I'm blogging at toshfomby.blog, as well as here. It's basically a virtual playground for satiric writing, journaling and art education. I'd love to have your comments, insights and just overall sharing of thoughts. Topics do range and writing was my first love. 

I'm working from home like many, by the way. It's okay, considering. May as well be, right? I must say that as introverted as I am, there are still challenges but I'm managing.

Most days, I'm getting in 10,000 steps but this morning found me awaking with a headache, which is typical this time of year. I'll go after my virtual meeting at 12:00. It has to make me feel better. 

I will be adding a temporary shopping aisle for masks over the weekend. I am with any and thought to offer them here at nominal prices. While i'm aware cloth masks don't offer the highest level of protection, it is best to have than not, while also adhering to quarantine and other safety protocols in place.

Stay safe and well.




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