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It's been a somewhat busy day. I have new greeting cards and canvas prints coming in next week. which the prepping of them was the administrative part of my afternoon. The prints are small (11 x 14) and I like the images I chose, which are from original paintings I did so long ago. Something like 10 or more years.

The original for the card was a mixed media piece of watercolor and graphite wash. The card itself, while inspirational from the outside, is blank inside, for the user to create their own message. I will be printing more cards soon. In the meantime, I do have some that are handmade. The image is painted on 4 x 4  wood, which makes the card 5..25 x 5.25. They were quite popular at the show I did last month. Visit the Souvenir section to check them out.

I'll have to inspect the prints before posting them here.



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