Creatively Constipated

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I know the title sounds a little crazy but it's probably the best way to describe when I'm unable to work in the studio. There are unfinished pieces started but I've been juggling still. And yesterday had me at work with an ongoing...I don't know how to put it...a headache? tension? stress? irritated? It was a combination. It was hibiscus tea all day long.

I went downtown to retrieve artwork that was photographed for prints, checked out the proofs and back home, I worked on the site again. Today, I designed and ordered business cards. Next task? Initiate a campaign for marketing my work. I'll start work on that by Friday. I know the initial component will be postcards. Old school, I know but I'm doing it.

The other task is getting my inventory together for the Bluff Park Art Show and Kentuck Arts Festival. Both shows are in October. The plan was to do a show over the summer but with March here, I don't see it happening. 

So yesterday, it was my head and now today, after lunch that is, it's my stomach. This thing is bubbling, okay?!

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