Hapeville Black History Month Exhibition

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Last night, The Atlanta Exhibition was concluded.  It was a very nice turnout, great ambience and conncting with artists and collectors. I was honored to be a part of it. 

Looking ahead, I will be showing also this month at the Hapeville Black History Month exhibit at the Hapeville Depot Museum. Opening reception is on February 22nd, with live bands and interactive installations. 

As for today, I'm back in the studio to complete a commissioned piece and continue progress on the paper cutouts I've planned out. I actually started the initial stages for larger cutouts prior to going to the exhibit last night, so I'm looking forward to the final stages. There are only 3 so far and I need to wrap them up soon because they will go to the frame to get matted for shipping by the first week of March. Other than that, I will have him mat the smaller pieces for carrying in the portfolio.  

If you're in Atlanta, or any part of Georgia for that matter, stay warm, cool and dry. The weather's tricky this winter.


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