Juggling Art and Home

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Today was an administrative day. What did that entail? Taking photos and editing them, prepping the website (because I have one more day on my trial), and getting the site together in general. I also had laundry, cooking and cleaning. My word for 2019 is organization. Until yesterday, I'd actually forgotten but the last 48 hours have me 75% there. 

Yet, I have some paperwork to do still and a couple of commitments I've made to family members, which should be in order no later than Tuesday.

Although the site will launch in the next 24 hours, I still have a great deal of work ahead of me. I feel yesterday was somewhat wasted with me designing coasters that took far too long. What I discovered is I won't continue that route. And why have I been thinking more and more about getting a dog with everything I have going on? Hmmm...

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