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Interestingly enough, I'm two weeks on the vegan path and I found myself with a vicious cold that hit me on Sunday. I'm about 75% today but gee wee, it was rough! I pushed myself to complete a piece through it all. About two years ago, I was visiting my acupuncturist to relieve me of some health issues and because I eventually resorted back to die-hard eating habits that didn't benefit my overall health, the problem resurfaced. I've gone a step further in adapting to a vegan lifestyle. Outside of this cold, I feel great. My energy is up, I sleep well and learning to eat and cook differently has been interesting. I don't feel like I'm missing anything, best of all. 

Another point of interest is the newsletter I'll start in the fall. It will incorporate other aspects of my creativity and who knows, perhaps I can collaborate with another creative head for content at some point. I'm excited about it. It will be a quarterly dose of art news and fun stuff, so I'm thrilled to bring something to subscribers that will be both informative and entertaining. The newsletter will be published as a blog post and also a downloadable. 

Also recently, I've been watching a few video clips on Faith Ringgold. She's appealing to me of late because I see so many similarities in her work with mine. I wasn't aware that she was a dollmaker as well, so I may try to reach out to her. Last year, I did have the pleasure of meeting another artist who'd worked with Ms. Ringgold, so perhaps I could entertain her enough to chat with me. We shall see. 

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