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There's been a steady stream of busy here. I continue working on the site and now have added prints that were not available previously. Since getting off work, that's pretty much the mode I've been in. A banana for snack but I need to get something more substantial. I resisted the pizza because I'm trying to do better, so I've opted for the curry chicken and spinach. 

In the midst of it all, I'm engrossed in Married at First Sight. It takes a special set of people to do that sort of thing. Anyway...

Diva Soul, Resin on wood

One thing that popped in my head today, an hour ago actually, is whether artists number resin prints. I suppose I could google it, right?

I will probably get a handful of canvas prints for SurrenderIt's the one featured on this post, the woman with the red scarf and afro puff. I made coasters too, with resin, but I'm not happy with them, so I'll just keep them hidden. 

I've eaten now. I'm somewhat satisfied and still thinking about the pizza. Not as much as before but two slices are lingering. I should eat another banana.



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