Shows, BFCM and Giving Thanks

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I'm still working toward a video production of my work,  which is a collaborative with a vocalist. A few pieces are now on display at Arts Clayton Gallery and I've been invited to a curated show in February.  For the latter, I'll have new pieces that I'll hold off on adding to the website. But some will look along this line:

The orange background is paper I used and not part of the painting.  I will have a few of these once it's time for the curator to select what will exhibit at the show. 

Also, the site will offer Black Friday and Cyber Monday special pricing for originals, framed prints and other items. I've added original painted meme notecards to the Souvenir catalog and more holiday cards are available, along with plush dolls. They're unbelievably soft, by the way. They're a definite keepsake for the ages.

Enjoy your family as we wind down toward a new year and always give thanks.


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