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I received the canvas prints I ordered yesterday, which I will embellish a bit. Never done before so I'm hoping it comes out as I visualize it. Although I'm still trying to get clear on that and that needs to happen by tomorrow morning. There are 2 of them and I still have the resin prints to work on as well. I need to hire someone. For free :-)

Days Ahead by Tosh Fomby

On another note, A Little Prayer sold from eBay this morning. Some of what I have here isn't on eBay and vice versa for the site. You can check out the work there here. There are still more pictures I need to take and some paintings I won't put on the site at all. Every artist ends up with those kind of pieces, know what I mean?

For some of the resin prints, I reached in my archive of paintings to make them. So far, so good with the exception of the hiccups. Literally.

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