Winding Down

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Nearing October, I feel as I always do prior to a show. Anxious. Nervous. Somewhat scattered. Not enough inventory. I'm taking a deep breath now and releasing. I've abandoned exercising.  Pretty much. Still eating well, so at least I have that going for myself. Other than this temporary discombulation, I'm fine. Yeah...

I must say, I was heartbroken at the news of Toni Morrison's passing. I did a series of portrait sketches last month, during my time in Florida.  Some years ago, I rendered one of Toni Morrison. So. I'm looking at a redo in my new process, hoping I do her justice. She had such a powerful presence and her photographs exhibited that sort of might and will I gathered from her words. Anyway, I had to somewhat catch my breath at the loss, yet also at her legacy.

Dance Floor is a piece I completed on Monday. I'm pleased with it and on to the next.

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